Spring Cleaning Happens

My room is a direct reflection of my life at any given moment.

If my room is cleaned and vacuumed and the bed is made. If everything is organized and put in it’s place, and all the useless junk has been thrown in the trash, then my life is organized and I have (at the moment) everything under control.

If someone were to walk into my room at this moment  they would see a DISASTER. There are clothes everywhere and a huge stack of just unnecessary papers scattered across my desk. My books are disorganized and my make-up is scattered throughout the room, so I’m pretty sure you can guess how my life is right now. Yup, i’m behind on my homework, and unprepared for my tests, I have 100 things on my to do list that I never seem to have time to do, and I’m almost ALL my shifts at work start at 4 am.

So this weekend I’m going to get down to business and clean my room. Because the second my room is clean, I’m that much more likely to get my life together and start being on top of things.

Here’s to a much needed spring cleaning!

What are your favorite things to clean/organize that make you feel just 100 times better the second they’re clean??

A Reese’s Pieces Cake Happens

I am addicted to Pinterest. Like over 5,000 pins, more than 10 boards, have my wedding almost completely planned kind of addicted.

Needless to say this is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand I have a bunch of wonderful ideas, clothes, and recipes picked out that I already know I like and it’s all organized according to my own tastes, but on the other hand I waste countless of hours going through thousands of pins in an endless, mind-numbing game of cat-and-mouse with the pins I actually want.

But in this one perfect instance of just why Pinterest is so popular, one of my pins was a huge success!

reese's pin on pinterest

This is the exact pin as I first saw it on Pinterest


Well my boyfriend’s birthday was only a few months away when I first saw this pin, and being that the first year of our relationship had been SERIOUS long distance (I’m talking like Asia-California long distance), this would be the first of his birthdays I would get to spend with him, and I was ECSTATIC to happen upon this because I knew he would just love it! (Hence why Pinterest is both awesome and addicting)

I made a few tweaks of my own (Such as homemade peanut butter frosting paired with chocolate cake), and this is the final product:

happy josh + peanut butter cake

One SUPER HAPPY boyfriend! <3

I actually even preferred mine better because it looked more rounded, like a basketball.

So yeah, Thank You Pinterest…. now the only problem is: I have no idea how I’m going to top this next year.

My current solution: spend hours scouring Pinterest for the next perfect cake (it really is an endless vicious cycle)

hahahahaha :)

Shitty Starbucks Customers Happen..

Seriously, the WORST part about working at a Starbucks is the customers. Because not only are the worst ones rude, impatient, and self-absorbed but also because the whole idea of “customer service” has morphed into this thing where you can’t even look a customer straight in the eye and tell them to treat you like a human being. They can treat you like shit, yell at you, get annoyed with you and talk down to you as if you’re their child/dog and you can’t do a single thing about it!!

Don’t get me wrong, every now and then i’ll have customers who are super nice and understanding, but those are the exception…not the rule.

During a HUGE rush when both the drive-thru and the inside of the store were packed with people, I once had a lady chew me out for a good five minutes because I had to tell her we were all out of sugar-free vanilla. During this rant I had to leave my register to get some warming done for pastries I needed because we were under-staffed, and so when she finally finished chewing me out about the lack of sugar-free vanilla I had to ask again what size she had said she wanted her drink. She talked down to me as if I were her 5 year-old child whom she had every right to reprimand and said “What size did I say I wanted?” Seriously, I wanted this woman to die. She came during a RUSH, she chose to get in the fucking drive-thru line, and she CHOSE to come to Starbucks and get a drink! No one put a gun to her head and forced her to come here…. and even though she was a total bitch who thought the world revolved around her, she ended up getting her drink for free by asking to talk to my manager and complain about how long she had to wait and the lack of sugar-free vanilla. I seriously hate the fact that we just give into terrible customers who are mean and selfish, we should tell them to go take a long walk off a short pier instead.


And then there was the girl who called the store to complain just because we were all out of Chai.

And the woman who had to have THREE different employees explain to her that there was no “strongest” espresso drink…all the grande drinks get 2 shots and all the venti drinks get 2 shots, but that she could add as many as she wanted. She got mad that we didn’t understand what she was trying to say…. and ended up getting her drink for free…. what a surprise!

I also heard from one of my co-workers about another customer that had entered the drive-thru and sat at the intercom for TEN WHOLE MINUTES talking on his cell-phone. When the barista taking drive through orders had asked what she could get for him, he told her to be quiet and wait a minute! Apparently his life and what he had going on was more important than any of our lives. I wish we hadn’t taken his order, and instead made HIM wait for ten minutes before we served him!

These are just a FEW of the examples of terrible customers we get….and it may sound like pretty harsh criticism, but having to deal with angry, self-absorbed people who want to take it out on you for 5 hours straight is really draining. I can’t work full-time at Starbucks because it just turns me into an evil person, I start to hate everyone and want to spend LARGE amounts of time alone… and I know that most baristas feel the same way. Being around so much negative energy all day is just solo draining!


Just be nice to the people who work at those places, because you’re only there for 15 minutes… we’re there for about 7 hours.

Long Distance Relationships Happen…

Dedicated to the love of my life. Being far away from you is more difficult than words can describe, but you’re worth it. I’d wait for you until the end of time if I had to.


I’m here

You’re there


I fall asleep alone

And you do too


I missed your birthday and Christmas

You missed me being there with you


I’m here

You’re there


My day is starting

As you’re falling asleep


I’m eating dinner

As you’re driving to work


When you’re free to talk

I’m busy


And when I have time

You don’t


I’m here

You’re there


I don’t get to see your smile

and you don’t get to feel my hug


I can’t stroke your hair

and you can’t kiss my neck



I’m here

You’re there


But every now and then

That changes


And suddenly, where I am

So are you


And where we are

Is where we’ve always wanted to be



A few moments of happiness

After months spent missing you


Is worth every second

although they are few


Many see distance as miles apart

But love knows it for what it truly is…. Strength of the heart

Family gathers… and then Crowds Gather

That’s my favorite part about Thanksgiving… getting to see all my family and spend time with them.

I was actually supposed to work Thanksgiving day until 5:30, and my family was going to do Thanksgiving dinner at 3, so I would miss out on the actual sit-down dinner. But I got really lucky, and during the afternoon the Starbucks I worked out started to slow down so my manager decided to send one of us home. I had worked 10 hours the night before because there was an onslaught of customers just as I was about to leave and my manager needed me to stay. So because of that, I was the one who got to go home early on Thanksgiving and I couldn’t have been happier!

Almost my whole family was gathered at my Aunt Mary’s house. The only one missing was my grandma. I got to see my Uncle Rob and his daughter that I hadn’t seen in years! And later in the evening my boyfriend came down from San Diego and spent the evening with my entire family- eating his THIRD thanksgiving meal for the day as well as finding out just how crazy the Bernath clan is during a game of catchphrase.

I mean, it just couldn’t get any better than that. It was the epitome of a good Thanksgiving: delicious food and everyone I love and care about.

…..And then black friday happened.

I had only ever done black friday once before, and that was YEEEAAARRRSSS ago… you know when black friday actually started on FRIDAY haha.

But in all seriousness…. I was shocked!

My boyfriend and I went to the mall at around 10 o’clock on Thursday evening because he had read online that Victoria’s Secret would open at 8 pm on Thursday. I literally just expected to go in, buy the bras I needed for a good discount, and then leave. Boy was I mistaken.

Apparently Victoria’s Secret didn’t open at 8… it actually wouldn’t open until midnight. Rather than go home and come back my boyfriend and I decided to wait. We did some shopping to get him some new pants at a great deal Tilly’s was having, and then came back at about 11 and the line for Victoria’s Secret was ridiculous. By 11:30 it was already about 10 stores long, and people were getting rude, pushy, and anxious.

When they opened the gates at 12 am, it was chaos. People swarmed into the store and just started grabbing anything in sight. People were pushing and shoving, and I’m honestly surprised no one got trampled. I went and found my bras as soon as I could and tried them on just to be sure. Josh and I were out of there in 15 minutes and I was SOOOO glad to be leaving that mall.

That is the LAST time I will ever do black friday shopping again!

Thanksgivukkah Happens…



According to Wikipedia, this year the American holiday of Thanksgiving will fall on the exact same day as the first day of Jewish Hanukkah. This is due to a difference in days between the lunisolar Hebrew calendar (this calendar can have anywhere from 353-385 days in a year) and the Gregorian Calendar (the 365 day one we’re currently using).

This is something that will not occur again in this lifetime!

And NO, i’m not Jewish. I’m not even really religious (although I was raised in the Catholic church). I merely think that this is a cool and strange coincidence that people should take notice of.

So this Thanksgiving, if you’re out about, don’t just wish people a “Happy Thanksgiving,” but a “Happy Hanukkah” as well! :)

A Realization Happens…

I’m depressed. Not in the cut my wrists, die my hair black, and rebel against society depressed… but just sad with my life. Last year I had the most amazing adventure of my life, I lived in three different countries, and traveled to another handful. I got to meet so many interesting people and see so many beautiful places. It was unlike anything I had ever known.

Now… now, I’m working at Starbucks. I’m living in Riverside, Ca, and i’m attending a community college. Not to mention i’ve moved back in with my parents. Needless to say my life has changed a little in the span of a few short months.

It’s hard to deal with such a huge change in my life, especially when I continue to see it as a change for the worse. I know that I could make it a lot easier on myself and a lot more enjoyable if I only changed my mindset and attitude about it, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Every time I remember how happy I was last year and all the amazing things I did, it almost seems disrespectful to those memories to have any fun in this boring, mundane life i’m currently living (And any of you who mock what i’ve just written have clearly never traveled extensively through another country or countries).

It’s hard to let go of the past… whether that past was good or bad, but especially when that past was amazing. It’s hard to let go and realize that what’s past is past and you can never have it again… when it was all you’d ever wanted. But I want to live in the present, and I want to plan for the future. There really is no point in living for the past when all we have is the present.

This entire post has just been me trying to convince myself to let go of the goal that i’ve already accomplished, the dream i’ve already lived… and look forward to a new goal and a new dream. But like all things, it’s a process. It won’t happen over night, and i’ll probably fall back into my melancholy now and again dreaming of days that were when days that are fall short of expectation.

That’s ok though, because in a few years, i’ll be back traveling. I’ll be doing things that I love with the person I love most in the world, and all this will seem just as small as insignificant as the year I had before I went abroad- the one where I worked my butt off, both in school and in work, saved like crazy, and never went out or did almost anything fun, so that I could fulfill my dreams of traveling the world for a year. Almost like a pregnant woman forgets the pain of labor after the birth of a beloved child, so I had forgotten the pain of hard work and self-control after the ecstasy of seeing my wildest dreams played about before me.

I’m going to try to spend my time remembering the year before my travels instead of the year of, to remind myself that at the end of each dark tunnel is a light of shining brilliance… we only have to keep walking to reach it.